Stressed by the tests? I can help!

For many students, the journey to higher ACT & SAT scores is overwhelming. It's daunting to have so much riding on a test score while trying to keep academics, activities, sports, and social lives in balance too.

My philosophy is to keep test prep as streamlined and stress-free as possible while delivering the strategies and academic review your child needs to succeed. Get started on the right foot today by signing up to receive my free video:
7 Tips to Overcome Testing Overwhelm.

Proven Method

My ACT prep course is built on tried and true techniques. I share my best score-specific strategies and show you how to put them into action to achieve your target score. My online course gives you the power to unlock your higher score quickly and effectively.

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Flexible Schedule

Forgot comma rules? Can't remember geometry? No problem! You'll receive a personalized syllabus that will tell you which video tutorials to watch whenever it fits your schedule. It's a customized course that can be done on your own time - perfect for busy students!

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Personal Guidance

My course includes live, online group review sessions so students can have their questions answered by a test prep expert. This takes the personalization built into the 8-week syllabus one step further and leads to even greater success for my students.

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Higher Scores

On average, my students improve 4 points on the ACT. That's a huge leap that gives you the opportunity to get into better colleges and receive more financial aid and scholarship money. Test prep is an investment and, if you're ready to invest, I can help you succeed.

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